Frequently Questions

Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yoursel

We understand that many women seek alternatives to natural products during pregnancy; Based on our research, any formulation of NOVERA ORGANİC has no risk during pregnancy.

NOVERA ORGANİC is committed to providing accurate information, but this information is not intended to replace the advice of your qualified medical practitioner. We recommend that you speak to your obstetrician or dermatologist if you are concerned about your particular circumstances.

The usage period after opening is indicated on your product. In addition, the expiry date of each product is written on the outer packaging.

All cosmetic product ingredients, regardless of the brand under which they are produced, are rarely irritating to specific skins, regardless of the amount or other ingredients with which they are combined has potential.

Irritations can sometimes occur in the regular course of our daily lives after years of successful use of a product. Beyond the cosmetic products being used, any other trigger can also cause an unexpected reaction and the reaction can be repeated may not repeat.

In the event of an adverse reaction, the best course of action is to stop using the product you believe is causing the condition and, if necessary, consult a specialist to find out if you are experiencing any irritation or allergies.

If you have a negative experience with an NOVERA ORGANİC product, please stop using it and do not hesitate to contact us with details of your condition.

For more information on returns and exchange policies, please see our delivery and return policy.

Yes, you can use NOVERA ORGANİC moisturizing products just before applying make-up.

Its high herbal content does not prevent make-up. However, before applying your make-up, we recommend waiting for a while for your preferred NOVERA ORGANİC product to be completely absorbed into your skin.

No NOVERA ORGANİC product contains parabens. All ingredients used in NOVERA ORGANİC products have been extensively researched, tested and evaluated for safety, stability, efficacy and irritation potential. It is the standard procedure for each component of NOVERA ORGANİC. We also oppose the use of ingredients such as petrolatum, ALS / ALES, SLS / SLES, sulfates, paraffins, DEA, TEA, MEA.

No. NOVERA ORGANİC can confirm that its products are not tested on animals. NOVERA ORGANİC is committed to acting in a responsible, accountable and transparent manner. All products of NOVERA ORGANİC are evaluated for safety and effectiveness by an expert external organization before being put on the market. During these evaluations, animals are not tested.

Each of the products is completely vegan.


Yes. All NOVERA ORGANİC products are IFG COSMOS ORGANIC certified. A beauty care product can go on sale with COSMOS ORGANIC certification if at least 95% of the herbs it contains are certified organic.